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The Help Center is designed to provide a complete self-service support option for your customers. The Help Center is made up of two parts: a knowledge base and a community. Your customers can search for knowledge base articles to learn a task or search the community and ask fellow users questions. If your customers can't find an answer, they can submit a support request.

For more information, see Help Center guide for end-users.

Each user in your community has a Help Center profile (Professional and Enterprise only), so your community members can get to know one another better. Profiles contain relevant information about the community member, along with their activities and contributions to the community. Profiles also give each community member the option to follow another user and get notifications when that user makes a post or comment.

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    Joseph Miller

    Go to call settings and you should find the answer to your problem.

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    Clifton Weeks

    I have recently purchased a LG Wine 2 cell phone model# LM-Y120UM and received no instruction book. All I want to know if you could send step by step instructions on how to get the phone to announce the callers name. Instructions on the internet don't work.



    Cliff Weeks


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